About Us

Swan Sweeps is a family owned and operated business, that has its roots in Cornwall over 30 years ago where my father would sweep chimneys.  This has progressed on to the next generation.

 My name is Alex Swan, and with the knowledge handed down from my Father, as well as the comprehensive grounding received from the Guild of Master Sweeps, regarding building regulations and best practice, you can feel confident that the service you receive will be second to none.

Traditional methods of sweeping are used, hand in hand with modern technology such as the Viper cleaning system to guarantee the highest level of service to our customers


Many chimney sweep sites include details of the origins of the sweeps job.  However other than giving some interesting facts of how the job used to be done (which are generally pretty unpleasant), they serve no purpose in reassuring you that you have picked the right person to look after your home.

Fortunately for my 3 year old son I have no intention of sending him up any chimneys to clean, and therefore, do not feel I need to take up your time telling you all about how it was done in the past.

I hope that you will feel confident that your home is in safe hands.

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